About mccollum photography

Award-winning photographer Michael McCollum has been working in the professional news industry for more than twenty five years. Michael's stellar portfolio includes images captured over a remarkable career covering everything from professional sports to extraordinary portraiture to international news stories, for which he has traveled the globe capturing the memorable moments of the 20th and 21st centuries. With a background pairing fine-art photography with photojournalism, Michael joins technique and flawless composition with rare artistry - sometimes seizing, sometimes coaxing, and somehow always capturing - the decisive moment. Michael continues to find freelance photography a challenging and exciting endeavor and regards each photo shoot with a passion for the imaginative and the inspired. He genuinely loves working with people, and this is vividly apparent in his ability to put the subjects on the other side of his lens at complete ease. His flair for the insightful, the poignant, the truly extraordinary, makes him the one photographer who can take the memories of your life and propel them into something you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Check out his blog at http://recipesfortravel.com/